Mastercard Travel Solutions Australia Pty Ltd was previously named Pinpoint Travel Group Pty Ltd.

Effective Thursday 1 December, Mastercard Travel Solutions Australia's Wholesale Division (Freestyle Holidays, Rosie Holidays and The Collection) will transfer to Si Travel Group

The division was closed on Thursday 1 December 2016 to Sunday 4 December 2016. The business re-opened as Si Travel Group on Monday 5 December.

If you have an urgent query that must be resolved during the closure period, please email or contact on 02 8320 0770. Click here for further Si Travel contact and payment information.

Mastercard Loyalty Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, a Mastercard Company manages loyalty and rewards programs on behalf of some of Asia Pacific’s most recognised brands. Mastercard Travel Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Mastercard Loyalty Solutions Pty Ltd, supplies travel products and services for these programs. If you are a member of a rewards program operated by Mastercard and require further information, please contact the relevant rewards program directly.